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Current Study: Depression
We know that living with major depressive disorder is never easy. One of the reasons for this is that finding an effective treatment is often difficult.

Many people with depression are prescribed antidepressants that do not provide adequate symptom relief, or only help for a short time. Because symptom relief is necessary to getting the lives of those who suffer from depression back on track, it is important that we continue looking for new and better treatments for depression.

The Purpose of this Research Study
In this research study, we will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of an investigational drug for adults who have not adequately responded to 1 or 2 previously prescribed antidepressants. This study is open to adults ages 18-65.
What to Expect
  • Up to 10 study visits over 14 weeks
  • Keeping appointments at our office in Middleburg Heights
  • No health insurance required
  • All medical examinations and assigned study drugs at no cost
  • Financial compensation may also be provided to cover time and travel expenses

If you think you qualify for this study, please sign up here for a screening today!
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