Carl Faust

Since 1987, Carl has functioned as Clinical Research Director, Protocol Manager/Assessment Specialist, Coordinator and Site Administration in over 250 basic science and industry sponsored clinical trials. 

He holds graduate training in Experimental Psychology, and has been trained under the direction of several noteworthy psychiatric researchers in the Department of Psychiatry. He is highly experienced in: Mood Disorders, Alzheimer's Disease, , Eating Disorders, Sexual Dysfunction Disorders, Neurological Disorders and Substance Abuse/Dependence Disorders. 

At North Star, Carl is responsible for coordinating , assisting with regulatory documentation, administering psychiatric diagnostic efficacy and safety rating scales, functioning as unblinded pharmacy, administration of oral, IM and subcutaneous injections, phlebotomy/veinipuncture, preparing specimens, obtaining vitals, obtaining ECG's, screening and scheduling research participants, data maintenance and ensuring Good Clinical Practice.

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