Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

A non-invasive method of brain stimulation that utilizes magnetic pulses, similar to MRIs

What does the procdure involve?

Similar to an MRI, an insulated coil is place on top of your head; the coil then generates magneitc pulses through your skull and into your brain. Extensive evaluations by medical professionals are conducted before continuing with the procedure; an informed consent must also be discussed with you explaining the procedure, risks, and benefits.

Is the TMS procedure safe?

Yes, TMS procedure is an FDA approved procedure for the treatment of depression in adults.

Are there risks?

Yes, like any other medical treatment, there are risks involved. However, the risks are not the same as the risks associated with medication. TMS is well-tolerated when conducted in clinical trials; "fewer than 5% of people discontinued treatment due to adverse events" (

Does insurance cover TMS?

Yes, TMS treatment is covered by most insurance companies. Please call our office for more information.

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