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Lets Work Together

We are committed to the advancement of science through pharmaceutical research; as a dedicated research facility, we understand each study has the potential to improve quality of life globally. Our commitment starts in and around our communities.



  • IATA Certification

  • CLIA Waved

  • Temperature Alarm System

  • -20* Medical Freezer

  • Centrifuge

  • All Staff Trained and Up-to-date on BBP and Biohazard waste disposal

Business Breakfast


With a population of 2.1 million people living within a 30 mile radius of our site, NSMR develops sophisticated conventional and non-conventional strategies to maximize awareness in our community.

Minimal Office


  • Two Infusion Chairs

  • ECG Machines

  • HIPPA  & OSHA Compliant

  • Multiple Exam Rooms

  • 10 minutes from Airport and Hotels

  • Wheel Chair Accessible

  • Overnight Capability

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